Target Hawaiian Breeze Tower Fan Reviews

Carly S.

Carly S.

from MI

Hawaiian Breeze Tower Fan

Reviewed on 06/20/06
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cshapiro rated this product 5 out of 5 stars

Positive Review of rotating tower fan.

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  • Matt  September 25, 2010

    She has a better one than mine. Mine has no remote, but has it's shortcomings besides that. I live in the Phoenix Area. It gets 110 degrees Fahrenheit here. I try to keep my A/C at 80, but this fan does not have enough "oomph" to quite cut it. In my humbl

  • Susie  November 02, 2009

    How to you disassemble it to clean it?

Transcript of Video Review

Hi, I am here to talk about the Hawaiian Breeze Tower fan from Target. It is tall enough that you can feel it over a whole room. It oscillates; it's quiet. It comes with a remote control. I am able to use it in my dorm room where I can study and sleep and anything I want to do and it's not in the way. It doesn't keep me up at night. It doesn't distract me from studying. -- A sample. It has different speeds. It -- like I said oscillates. So you can cover a whole room and dorm rooms, they don't have air conditioning. And they do not have a lot of room, so, it's a good size. It's perfect. It's not very expensive and it lasts a long time and keeps the room cool so I'm not hot in the summer months. That's it.

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Target Hawaiian Breeze Tower Fan

Average Rating:

5 stars

based on 1 video review

During the hot muggy summer, Target’s Hawaiian Breeze Tower Fan can provide a quiet cooling breeze that will transport you thousands of miles away. Listen to cshapiro rave about this product and be sure to check out other tower fan reviews for this season’s needs.
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